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He’s been here, there, every-f*cking-where, and on Saturday, March 30th, Brett Goldstein is gonna be at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre for a night of side-splitting, off-the-cuff comedy! His “Second Best Night of Your Life” Tour’s first leg was a resoundingly sold-out success, so now, our Emmy Award-winning act has added more than a dozen new dates to his 2024 schedule, with promises of exclusive material and Roy Kent goodness fans are SO looking forward to! North America won’t know what’ll hit it ‘cause Brett Goldstein is nothing but an unpredictably hilarious and distractingly sexy stand-up star! Following his critically acclaimed tenures in Apple TV+’s multi-awarded “Shrinking” and “Ted Lasso” comedy dramas, our headliner goes back to his club comedy roots to amaze with his trademark style of sarcasm and profanely colored commentary that has never failed to rile up a crowd into wheezing fits of laughter. Book your seats now and be rightfully entertained in Wallingford’s hottest stage!

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We’ve lost track! We’ve gone right off the rails! Brett Goldstein just can’t stop extending his “Second Best Night of Your Life” Tour, and frankly, everyone’s been LOVING it. This 2024, our headlining actor, writer, and comedian will take his Emmy Award-winning talents to over a dozen new venues across the United States and Canada, with more on the way, including an exclusive one-night-only special on the 30th of March LIVE at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre!

“A very funny, clever and engaging comedy show from start to finish… You can tell Brett is a writer. His act was an amazing balance of storytelling, charm and relatable humor.”

He’s a true-blue muppet lover. A certified Shakespeare hater. But most of all, he’s the man who’s gonna send you into breathless laughter in this glorious evening of offbeat stand-up! Brett Goldstein, in all his foul-mouthed Roy Kent audacity, will astonish and astound with language so colorful it’d make a sailor blush a deep crimson red.

Best known for his widely beloved role in “Ted Lasso,” Apple TV+’s Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning sports comedy-drama, our headlining star promises a show stuffed full of intelligent commentary, quick-firing sarcastic quips, and punchlines you’ll never see coming. His co-creator role from the widely acclaimed “Shrinking” series has been doing some heavy lifting for his comedian creds, so brace for bouts of deliciously dark humor that’ll make you feel just guilty enough that every giggle feels like a guffaw.

Oh, and to answer your question: No, it’s not just you. Brett Goldstein IS unbelievably sexy, which might explain how he’s been racking up awards from the Screen Actors Guild, Critics Choice, and the Primetime Emmys.

Goldstein has recently wowed the masses with his surprise appearance in MCU’s “Thor: Love and Thunder” as the almighty Hercules, though his major starring roles date back to British cult classics such as “Howl” and “SuperBob.” His “Films to Be Buried With” podcast continues to be a home run hit as well, and he‘s got a string of projects that everyone’s dying to see. If he feels like it, he might even tease you with details during his show. Fingers crossed!

The uniquely atmospheric Toyota Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford will be the stage for Brett Goldstein’s LIVE stand-up special on Saturday, March 30! Spaciously cozy, immersively lit, and acoustically cutting-edge — this multi-purpose indoor venue’s experience is hard to beat, so you’d be smart to grab the opportunity by booking your reservations now!

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