Disney Junior Live: Let’s Play at Toyota Oakdale Theatre

Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Wallingford, Connecticut



Disney Junior Live at Toyota Oakdale Theatre



Disney Junior Live: Let’s Play

Toyota Oakdale Theatre

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Want to get your kids away from screens and immerse them in a true live experience? This show coming to Wallingford, Connecticut, in October may just be the perfect opportunity. Disney Junior Live: Let's Play is coming to the Toyota Oakdale Theatre on Saturday, October 12th, 2024. The show features characters from all of your kids' favorite shows on the Disney Jr. network. If you tell them that you’re taking them to see The Little Mermaid, The Puppy Dog Pals, or Spider-Man in real life, they’ll unglue themselves from the TV faster than you’ve probably ever seen them.

The show can also serve as a great excuse to get the entire family out on the town for a weekend. It’s a win-win, no matter how you want to look at it. Plenty of folks are already planning to take their kids to the Toyota Oakdale Theater on Saturday, October 12th. If you want to be there too, click the get tickets button today.

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As a parent, what are you going to see on stage at the Toyota Oakdale Theater? This is a good thing to have down because it can give you a good sense of what type of kids will be able to enjoy the show. Usually, a couple of performers without costumes come out on stage. What they want to do is hype up the kids before bringing out the characters. They’ll be the ones to introduce Mickey and his friends. Don’t expect too many “surprises” when it comes to the songs that these actors and the characters are going to sing and dance to on stage. That’s by design! The show is meant to ensure kids know the song that’s coming up so that they can sing it. These actors are the ones in charge of “leading” the kids through the show.

From there, you get a combination of scenes from the different TV shows that are part of the live experience. This tour includes the characters from Mickey Mouse’s Funhouse. That’s going to be all of the typical Disney characters. The songs that they’ll be singing on stage are the ones from the show. Potentially, when they’re done, Spidy and his friends will swing by the stage. They are known for their cool entrances. Again, these transitions are usually explained by the actors that are in a sense “out of character.” They are some of the real heroes of the night because they’re taking the temperature of the room a bit and trying to keep the kids engaged!

If you want your kids to be singing and dancing to the tunes of their favorite cartoons, then you need to head to the Toyota Oakdale Theater on Saturday, October 12th. It’s a 4 pm start time! Even that is thought out to ensure children won’t get sleepy in the theater because of the hour. Plus, it’s not a school night! With over 4,800 seats, this is one of the biggest theaters in the country. If you have smaller kids, then maybe try to find a spot without too many people in front to ensure they can see the show. If you want to throw a party, then perhaps buy a box and take a ton of young ones with you. Click the get tickets button and pick where you want to experience Disney Junior Live: Let's Play

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