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Dr. Jordan Peterson

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Flex those neurons and reshape the way you see the world! You’re invited to sit in with us on Dr. Jordan Peterson’s mind-bending lecture this coming Tuesday, June 11th, at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre. As summer sets in, catch the We Who Wrestle with God Tour on its stop to Wallingford and participate in a compelling discussion as the controversial author offers a sneak peek into the themes explored in his soon-to-be-released book! Over the long haul, this best-selling author has sold over twelve million copies of his three books, including the buzz-worthy self-help book “12 Rules of Life.” What’s more, he received the esteemed Sir Roger Scruton Prize, acknowledging his impactful role as a clinical psychologist and valuable contributions to the humanities. Wisdom, wits, and wonders await at the Connecticut venue - with its large wooden structures and dynamic stage that leaves a worthwhile experience for everyone planning to take part in the talk of the decade! Grab your tickets today!

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Dr. Jordan Peterson is going live at Toyota Oakdale Theatre this coming Tuesday, June 11th! As part of his much-awaited and wisdom-packed 51-city “We Who Wrestle with God” Tour, the Canadian psychologist will be promoting his next standout book of the same title. Keep an eye out for more information, as the specifics of this newest read are yet to be revealed. However, the title hints at an exploration of religious themes and a deep dive into the essence of humanity.

Those in attendance will be delighted to discover our speaker’s distinguished track record! Coming from Edmonton, Dr. Peterson is an online educator, respected psychologist, best-selling author, and a professor at the renowned University of Toronto. In addition, he hosts a podcast that consistently ranks at the top of the Education category charts.

Unlock a fresh new outlook as Dr. Peterson guides us through an insightful conversation delving deep into the intricacies of everyday life and resolute faith. Consistently nominated for half a decade as a top university lecturer in Ontario, he stands out as one of just three professors rated "life-changing" at the University of Toronto. Furthermore, he has been awarded the George Jonas Freedom Award this year on top of the Gold Youtube Creator Award and Sir Roger Scruton Prize.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this live event has the power to equip audiences with a wellspring of insights that they can apply in their lives! During his lectures, the intellectual phenomenon is known for encouraging listeners to forge their own paths and surpass their perceived limitations. “I can listen to hours of Dr. Peterson’s lectures while maintaining my enthusiasm and curiosity about what he’ll say next. I believe he is a genuine and kind man who acts with integrity,” Medium shares in a review.

On this evening, you better be in Connecticut as their world-class entertainment hall exudes an inspiring atmosphere and boasts the capacity to accommodate 4,500 people! Indeed, this is an excellent choice for the upcoming thought-provoking lecture. So, fuel your thirst for knowledge and get your tickets now for Dr. Jordan Peterson LIVE at the Toyota Oakdale Theatre this coming Tuesday, June 11th!

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