Oz Pearlman at Toyota Oakdale Theatre

Oz Pearlman Tickets

Toyota Oakdale Theatre | Wallingford, Connecticut

Oz Pearlman

The nation’s most in-demand mentalist is hypnotizing Connecticut this summer! American magician Oz Pearlman brings mind-bending entertainment to the Toyota Oakdale Theatre on Saturday, June 1st, at 8 PM. Dazzling audiences with his mind-reading ability for nearly three decades now, he’s known for successfully appearing on the #1-rated show “America’s Got Talent,” winning third place in its tenth season. On top of that, he’s been invited to various TV shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Today Show, ESPN, Fox Business, and many more! His very own major network television special on NBC, "Oz Knows," also received rave reviews and later on earned him a prestigious Emmy Award. Watch his magic unfold at Wallingford’s premier events center reserved for the most buzzing LIVE shows that visit the area with its massive 4,800-seat capacity and grand decor! Crack the code of Oz's illusions and get your tickets now before they vanish!

Step right up, folks! Oz Pearlman is scheduled to perform his next-level tricks at the Toyota Oakdale Theater this Saturday, June 1st, at 8 PM! What kind of wild inventions has Wall Street’s mentalist been cookin' up in his sleeves this time? Usually lasting for over an hour and thirty minutes, audiences can expect every show to be different, adding to the element of thrill and excitement.

See the Emmy award-winning LIVE act that continues to baffle audiences on national television! The 42-year-old entertainer has made appearances on both international and national networks like NBC's Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, and ABC World News. In addition, major publications like Forbes and The New York Times have also profiled his unique brand of mentalism.

“Oz Pearlman is no cowardly lion when it comes to performing mind-boggling tricks. Pearlman has a heart as big as the Tin Man's, and the mentalist’s ability to read minds is wizardly. His performances leave audiences wanting to follow the yellow brick road to more of his shows. From guessing personal information to predicting outcomes, he is a true emerald in the world of mentalism,” Jon Finch shares.

Also, get to witness the mind-melting magic that stunned America's Got Talent judges! Week after week on US television's top-rated talent show, he charmed guests with his never-before-seen mentalism routines, which quickly turned him into a fan favorite, securing a third-place finish out of thousands of contestants back in 2015.

Thought you'd seen it all? Oz Pearlman is here to prove you wrong. Earlier this year, on HBO's “Hard Knocks,” he went viral for predicting the Super Bowl, selecting a player, Mecole Hardman, who'd guess his own team, The Chiefs, winning against the 49ers. Hardman was later traded to the Chiefs, even scoring the winning touchdown! This bizarre case of mentalism gone wild is what fans travel miles to see!

So, set your course directly for the Toyota Oakdale Theatre, as it's the perfect location to host this magical spectacle. Every seat in the venue is carefully designed to deliver crystal-clear acoustics and unobstructed sightlines. We guarantee that you won't miss a single trick during the mind-bending performance! Grab your tickets now to see Oz the Mentalist LIVE on Saturday, June 1st, at 8 PM!

Oz Pearlman at Toyota Oakdale Theatre

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