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The Rocket Man Show

Toyota Oakdale Theatre

One leap and Elton John’s sound will get you higher as the Rocket Man Show launches the pop-boosters to the town of Wallingford for a night of Elton classics on February 17, 2024, at Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Connecticut. Rus Anderson, who plays as the great Elton John together with his amazing band, will bring craze to the crowd as they leap their way to Elton John’s timeless discography. After Elton John’s last show in 2023, a colorful and oozing pop experience is waiting for all as the new Rocket Man continues the ongoing spree of Elton’s legacy with Rus Anderson, and the band continues to bring his music to the people. The show will feature Elton John’s iconic songs, including Candle In The Wind, Tiny Dancer, Rocket Man, and many more. One Step for a Man is one giant step for Elton John fans as the Rocket Man Show brings the poptastic Elton John music for everyone to feel. Grab your tickets now!

The Rocket Man Show Tickets from $54

A ride to Elton John classics is on the way to the state of Connecticut as The Rocket Man Show bursts the stage with Elton’s pop craze on Saturday, February 17, 2024 at Toyota Oakdale Theatre, Connecticut. Starring the show as Elton John, Rus Anderson and the band will drive deep down memory lane as they relive the music of Elton John that will surely bring excitement and fan for every fan.

After the Farewell Yellow Brick Tour of Elton John in July 2023, a rise for Elton John’s music erupts as the legend himself handpicked the one who will play himself for the most authentic Elton John tribute show on the planet as Rus Anderson proves that the Rocket Man is on suit to greatness. Started as the body double of Elton John in his last tour, the journey is on the way as they deliver the Rocket Man Show to the whole country for a musical blast featuring Elton’s class.

The Rocket Man Show is featured on several events across the country including House of Blues, Caesar’s, Legends In Concert, BB King’s, Hard Rock Live, Universal Studios, Harrahs, and Walt Disney. As they step their feet to the stage of Connecticut, a performance of a lifetime is on the hand as the show with this caliber brings the fun to the fans.

Iconic songs will be featured on The Rocket Man show as the 60+-year career of Elton John produced the most brilliant songs of this era. With the overflowing charisma and details of Rus Anderson and the band, they will bring this song justice as they performed the songs live and alive. The show will feature the songs including:

Rocket Man
Tiny Dancer
Candle In The Wind
GoodBye Yellow Brick Road
Your Song
I Guess That’s Why They Call It Blues
Sad Songs
Crocodile Rock

“I'm happy to keep it going. You know the audience is on your side when you get a roar when you walk to the stage. They know the character, the songs. We have people from the 90s and 14 year olds so Elton John has a unique fan base that makes it more fun”, Rus Anderson on performing as Elton John on the Show.

Toyota Oakdale Theatre will launch The Rocket Man Show with its overflowing concert features, suitable for an Elton John classic experience. With its great production, custom menus and mixology with about 4,800 fans can witness the great Rus Anderson and the band for a musical performance to the moon and back. Grab your tickets now!

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